Imagine living in a community . . .

  • where people with changes in cognitive abilities have access to programs that empower and support them as they encounter changes in their lives
  • where people with “changing minds” thrive and enjoy life for much longer – and with greater hope and happiness — than is currently the case
  • where people who care about or for people with memory loss and dementia feel like they as well as other members of the community know the best ways to respond to the needs of their loved ones
  • where everyone of every age knows how to be helpful and supportive — whether in public or in their personal lives — when they encounter someone with memory loss or dementia

The Center for Dementia Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose goal is to help Gainesville and Alachua County neighborhoods become dementia-friendly communities where our citizens know how to respect the dignity and support the highest possible functionality, independence and quality of life for people living with memory loss or other symptoms of Alzheimer’s or any of the many other causes of dementia.

Please explore this site to learn about programs and resources we offer or know about.

The books, DVDs and Internet resources we recommend have helped form and strengthen CDE’s core belief that with the right kinds of social, emotional, spiritual and practical understanding and support, people with dementia can continue to participate meaningfully in life and can in fact be a source of growth and inspiration to others.

This list contains resources we have explored in depth and shared with others. It is by no means all-inclusive. Please contact us with information on resources you have found helpful!

Because long lists of resources can be overwhelming, we have grouped ours into categories we hope will help a particular person find what she or he is looking for.  Read More     

If you have received a diagnosis of dementia and are looking for support and fellow travellers, please pay particular attention to the Internet listings.  This resource list will also be valuable to those who want to learn more about what dementia feels like and what people with dementia themselves say they most want and need.   Read More

CDE embraces the term “care partnering,” a concept that recognizes the potential for mutual benefit and growth for all parties in a care relationship. (If you aren’t already familiar with the term, care partners are everyone who cares about the well-being of a particular individual, INCLUDING that individual.) The idea of care partnering does away with the notion of a care “receiver” who is often defined as “taking” and “helpless” and a “caregiver,” who must provide everything. Care partnering acknowledges that care partners have a great deal to share: love, affection and friendship, inspiration, trust, generosity, humor, gratitude and many other characteristics of authentic relationship.

This section contains resources that we recommend to care partners who are “on the outside” of the experience of living with dementia in one’s self.   Read More

Many of the resources in this category contain practical ideas for ways to make life with dementia better, however they are listed separately because they have strong reflective or educational discourses on the nature of the brain, the mind and the self; memory, identity and relationship; family, community and interdependence; and many other “big picture” lines of thinking that affect how we as a culture respond to dementia.

Australia, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands are among the countries whose private citizens, governments and media are taking strong educational and supportive roles in responding to the immediate and daily needs of their citizens with dementia. We believe Americans are also equal to this task and as we educate ourselves, we will be moving beyond the view of dementia as a terrible fate and begin to accommodate it as a place where life can still be lived with meaning, well-being and even great moments of joy.   Read More


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